Scripture: Genesis 6:5-14a, Focus verse 8Therman E. Evans - Morning Star Sermon In Action
Supporting Scriptures: Exodus 13:12-33, 2 Chronicles 16:9, Psalm 5:12, Proverbs 5:21, 15:3, Hebrews 4:13
Scriptural Focus: THE FAVOR OF GOD

Sermon Highlights:

  • What are we thinking today as God’s people?
  • There is always someone who goes in the direction of God
  • Noah is me! I am Noah! Here I am God send me!
  • The us’s (me & others who are God people) are NOT prevailing
  • Us’s are only us’s around other us’s. When us’s are around thems it’s hard to tell who the us’s are!
  • God knows us’s! God knows who I am & how I am behaving
  • Noah was a true us amongst thems
  • It’s not easy being an us amongst thems! Am I fitting in?
  • My challenge – it’s not my problem. No movement starts in the collective. Everything starts small
  • Noah means rest
  • Favor & grace = the same thing, the presence of God
  • Favor of man is good. The favor of God is better! I want the favor of God!
  • The favor of God is: Not fair but it’s always good! God extends His favor to His people (us’s). It is the obligation of God to distinguish His people. In scripture, they catch the most hell, obtain the most favor!
  • God wants me distinguished!
  • The favor of God is: There for my fight! This is a fight. Am I even in the fight?
  • The favor of God is: For my future! Favor is not for something that has already happened! If I’m still alive I have a future! I’m here for a reason! I was born for this time!
  • I am not too cute to work for God! I am not righteous on my own. I have issues! Through faith in Jesus the Christ I AM RIGHTEOUS!
  • Noah built an ark. Noah wasn’t perfect!
  • People shouldn’t have trouble immediately identifying me as a child of God. I am an us. Us = the family of God
  • With God’s favor I am distinguished, defended, can defeat my enemies & I am enabled to achieve my destiny
  • Favor should give me: encouragement, courage & excitement

Sermon In Action - Suggested Activities:

  • DAILY AFFIRMATIONS:Say at least 10x per day, throughout the day as passionately as possible and as early as possible in the day… (Add your favorites)
  • I AM AN US!


Write the affirmation(s) that resonate(s) the most ( or, print on computer – large font) and place it in several prominent places: your living space, your work space (if you are able), your car, bathroom mirror, near your bed… wherever it will be visible and can serve as a constant reminder of how you should be thinking, feeling, being and, of what you should be doing.

  • Catch yourself being an “us” this week. Stand up for or defend an unpopular but scriptural position amongst “thems.”


  • Begin to tithe. (If you don’t already.)


  • Are you too cute to work for God? Have you joined a ministry? Have you invited 5 people to church this past week? In the past month? Have you served a stranger in the last week? Someone outside of your family or immediate circle of friends?


  • Reflect on something you have done that you know has grieved God’s heart. What lesson(s) did you learn from that experience? How have you grown and matured spiritually from that experience?

May God bless you

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