What are the Leading Causes of Life?

What are the Leading Causes of Life?: A Prescription For Living at Your Highest and Best
WHAT ARE THE LEADING CAUSES OF LIFE? This is a wonderful question. But, it virtually never gets asked. Rarely, if ever, do you hear this question asked by anyone anywhere. Yet, it seems to me, it is a question to which many would love to have the answer. At least, the question is worth asking and thinking about. I have asked this question of literally hundreds, even thousands of people. The responses have been interesting. When asked, “What are the leading causes of life?” people often experience an immediate confusion. They don’t quite understand what’s being asked. Usually, further clarity is sought. I’m asked, “Well, what do you mean or how am I supposed to respond to that or do you mean physical and tangible or spiritual and intangible?”

The thing that is so fascinating about this confusion and the accompanying question is, there is never confusion or uncertainty when it comes to the opposite question, “What are the leading causes of death?” When asked to list the leading causes of death, people virtually always immediately start putting together a list. There is no hesitation, no confusion, no question. Nobody ever asks me to explain what I mean by the question. Nobody asks me to explain what I mean by “death.” Nobody asks what I mean by “causes.”

People seem to be clearer about death and its causes than they are about life and its causes. People seem to be clear that if and when you do certain things, you increase your chances of death. People seem fairly clear that certain lifestyle behaviors will cause death. There is clarity about the behavior, and there is clarity about death. It’s interesting to me that our society seems to be clearer about cessation (death) of life and its causes, than enhancement of life and its causes. Yet we are on a constant quest for as much life and living as possible. What a paradox. Abundant life and living is what we want and seek but we’re not as clear about what causes it as we are about what causes death.

When asked the question, “What are the leading causes of life?” people rarely, if ever, put material wealth or things at the top. In fact, material wealth is usually not even near the top.

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