Promise Driven Life – Guidelines

Getting Started Action Steps:

1.  Decide what your specific individual or ministry goals and objectives are for this promise driven reading experience.

2.  Review the following guidelines and decide whether you or another ministry member will be facilitating the group. Make the necessary arrangements to have this happen. (The facilitator should be a very good listener.)

3.  Decide on a time, place, duration, frequency and format (in person, over the Internet or by conference call) for the meetings. Send out the notice of your first meeting.

4.  Include in this notice your first assignment. It could be as simple as “read the Prologue and Introduction and come to the first meeting prepared with one comment or question.”

5.  Suggest that everyone assign a notebook/journal to this 49-day action-taking experience. This way all questions and page numbers and connections can be stored for sharing at group meetings.

6.  Assign 2-3 weeks to read the first 91 pages of Promise Driven Life, with discussion dates established ahead of time.

7.  Determine ahead of time when you would like your 49-day journey to begin and end.

8.  Read (or re-read) the Prologue and Introduction, taking notes from those sections that resonate with you. (This is in addition to the assigned reading.)

9.  Get a folder and notebook for you or the facilitator to use. All notes, action steps, attendance sheets (will be provided to you) and related items should be kept in this pocket folder.

10.  Daily reminders – brief – word of the day, scripture and affirmation can be emailed to ensure all are on the same page and that they remain encouraged.  Someone can be assigned to handle this function. (This is just a suggestion but strongly encouraged by Dr. Evans)